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Register now for this SPECIAL 2-HOUR TRAINING where you will learn the simple strategy to use on FACEBOOK, that you can use for FREE, with NO PAID TRAFFIC, and only 1 HOUR PER DAY, that will CONSISTENTLY bring you tons of LEADS while having NO Website, NO Professional Photos, NO Marketing Materials, NO Anything except your Personal Facebook Profile so that you can earn a ton of MONEY, TRAVEL the world, spend more time with your KIDS, or do whatever you wish with your time….
This simple strategy, when implemented, as you’ll learn during the training, will CONSISTENTLY ATTRACT new potential clients to you so that you no longer need to go FIND clients or be CHASING after them.
This strategy has worked wonders for me AND for my clients so that we are always engaging more people, developing powerful relationships and making the bank account go “CHA-CHING! CHA-CHING!”
    When You Get Access You Will Discover:
  • WHAT TO POST on your personal Facebook profile so that it positions you as an AUTHORITY and educator in your niche so that people begin to associate YOU as the GO TO PERSON for the service you provide.
  • COPYWRITING TECHNIQUES to improve your posts and ensure that they get people’s attention, that they get read, and that they achieve your desired RESULT.
  • WHEN to post your content on your Facebook profile so that the most people see it, engage with it, and you get more LIKES and COMMENTS.
  •  A LITTLE-KNOWN TRICK for popping your best posts back to the top of people’s newsfeed so that you get even more eyeballs on your content WITHOUT having to pay for any promoted posts or paid traffic. (This one is fun!)
  • HOW TO SHOOT POWERFUL VIDEO footage that will suck your audience in, keep them watching, and then have them take action, even if you currently SUCK on camera… (You'll learn how to be natural)
  • The keys to CONNECTING with your TARGET MARKET on Facebook in a meaningful way that creates RELATIONSHIPS and SALES instead of turning people off and feeling SPAMMY like a lot of people are doing these days!
  • How to POSITION yourself on Facebook so that your TARGET MARKET FINDS YOU instead of you having to go out and find them. This is ATTRACTION marketing baby!
  • A SECRET TOOL for connecting with your audience at a higher level than most people and giving them EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT! They will love you for it.
  • How to increase your REACH and INFLUENCE on Facebook with your TARGET MARKET so that you build REAL RELATIONSHIPS and GENERATE SALES instead of having a friends list full of people who don’t really know you or care about what you offer.
  • How to send POWERFUL MESSAGES to new connections that really connect and build relationship and how to turn those into conversations and SALES so that you are continually making an IMPACT in people’s lives and putting CASH IN THE BANK.
  • The TOP THREE ways to turn your free Facebook profile into a CASH MACHINE for your business and the best ways to convert followers into clients over and over again
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What Others Are Saying:
"I added Joshua on Facebook after seeing a post that a friend of mine had shared and after a while I realized that I was looking forward to his posts every day.  Whenever he wouldn't post it was like my mind was "missing" something. As a Mindset Expert I knew I needed to figure out his strategy and start using it for myself on Facebook.

Since investing in the training and using the Facebook Freedom Formula my engagement on Facebook has gone through the roof and I get hundreds of ideal client friend requests every single month. I've had countless private messages and sales conversations and have made thousands of dollars because of this training... The best part is that I am being strategic with my Facebook rather than completely random like I was before. This program is an absolute no-brainer for anyone who wants to attract more clients and I wish I had of done it sooner" - Janelle Fraser
"In only a few days after going through the Facebook Freedom Formula I started to see the results; more people commenting on my posts, engaging in my message, and digitally raising their hands to express interest in what I have to offer.  Then after using the strategy consistently I had a total stranger reach out to me via Facebook asking to be my client - This was my first $10,000 contract!

Now, a little over a year later, I can confidently attribute at least $40,000+ in revenue this year directly to the strategies Joshua shares in the Facebook Freedom Formula! Thanks Joshua!"
- Jeremy DeMerchant

Here's The Deal....
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I could keep writing about all the awesomeness that you’ll discover during this SPECIAL TRAINING but I’d rather go jump out of a plane, go scuba diving, climb a mountain or hang out with my friends...
THIS TRAINING IS EXTREMELY POWERFUL and you'll discover EVERYTHING I do and use on Facebook that creates PHENOMENAL RESULTS for me and my clients and how you can use it too.
Within 10 Days of starting this strategy on Facebook I generated $9,985.00 in my business.

Within 45 DAYS of starting this strategy I generated $27,793.23 in my business.

And now I've even had one month, where I spent a grand total of 12 hours on Facebook, that I generated $103,870.59 in my business.
95% of that came from people who I had NEVER MET and had NEVER ENGAGED WITH BEFORE launching this strategy… so in other words ALL NEW PEOPLE that were ATTRACTED TO ME because of the strategy you will learn on this training.
This system and strategy is something that I have spent a TON of time researching, implementing and tweaking in order to get it right and operating smoothly for MAXIMUM RESULTS and MINIMUM TIME REQUIREMENT.
It’s also something that I learned little pieces of from different coaches, mentors and programs along the way that I invested approximately $13,797.00 to gain all the pieces of information I’ll be sharing on the training and put it all together in a way that it creates EPIC RESULTS for myself and anyone else who uses it.
The information you'll learn on this training is so powerful that the investment for this training could be $13,797.00 and it would TOTALLY BE WORTH IT because it will empower you to get EPIC RESULTS month over month for as long as you use the strategy and the RETURN ON INVESTMENT will be massive…
But as usual, and as one of my mentor’s likes to call me, I’m a "crazy little bugger" and provide MASSIVE, MIND-BLOWING VALUE for my clients in proportion to their investment.
According to current clients and people who have already taken this training, the investment should be atleast $997.00 because of the HUGE results people are getting... but I want to get this out to as many people as possible as fast as possible…

Instead of you investing the $13,797.00 that I did...
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Only $297.00
This investment is peanuts compared to the information you’re going to receive and almost irrelevant if you are someone who takes ACTION, because you will make that investment back almost IMMEDIATELY when you implement what you learn on the training.
If you’re COMMITTED to results and you are an action taker, TAKE ACTION NOW because this wont be available for long.
So, if that’s you and you’re ready to learn this system for using only your free Facebook page with NO PAID TRAFFIC, and only working 1 HOUR PER DAY, that will CONSISTENTLY bring you tons of LEADS while having NO Website, NO Professional Photos, NO Marketing Materials, NO Anything, so that you can earn a ton of MONEY, TRAVEL the world, spend more time with your KIDS, or do whatever the you want with your time… Click the button below and register now. You'll be glad you did. :)
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